The Wall Street Journal — "Ultrasonic Noise Gets New Scrutiny"

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      Full Page article entitled Ultrasonic Noise Gets New Scrutiny

      The June 18, 2018 edition of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

      In the LIFE & ARTS section

      The article's opening line - What you don't hear can hurt you

      I am a huge advocate that most modern tinnitus is from electronics.

      What was not included in the article are CELL PHONE TOWERS.

      Quotes from the article:

      'young people whose hearing is more sensitive to high-frequency noise'

      'under ordinary circumstances almost no one hears ultrasonic signals. But when two in audible sonic beams intersect, they can generate audible tones at frequencies that could cause annoyance and pain'

      It was the ultrasonic high pitched noise / squeal in the cab of my 2013 GMC Sierra that f**ked up my ears... for about 5 years.

      And forever changed my life. I can no longer go in loud restaurants, and can tolerate no electronic speakers... except for my iPod at very low volume.

      GM Bulletin PIT5166C high pitched noise in dash

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      Here's a link to the above article:

      We're currently dealing with new "smart meter" installations in our area. Lots of problems reported with them, including a LOT of health issues. It appears the #1 health issue is tinnitus. So it feels like we have no choice but to opt out, even though they charge an initial $137 for it, and $35/month afterwards. That's over $500 for the coming year. NOT happy about that!


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