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Discussion in 'Announcements & Feedback' started by Tinnitus Talk, Mar 10, 2011.

    1. Only for about 10 minutes (at about 7:00 PM UTC). Hopefully no one noticed. I upgraded the forum software to the latest version and everything should work just fine now.
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    2. rogerg

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      <- noticed the website was down but it was only for a short time. I finalized my registration process after the break was over.
    3. Markku

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      Ops, I'm away from home one day and it was the most convenient time for the server to run out of space -> MySQL crashed -> Tinnitus Talk didn't function.

      All back to normal now though. Sorry for the trouble.
    4. calin

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      Oct 2011
      Yay!!! All is well now I hope!
    5. Karl

      Karl Member Benefactor

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      Thanks for all your dedicated work, Markku!

      I also have a website that runs MySQL for a database, where I use PHP code to interface with clients. I try to avoid programming in PHP as much as possible.
    6. AUTHOR
      Tinnitus Talk

      Tinnitus Talk Knowledge Base Staff Hall of Fame

      Apologies for the 1 hour's worth of downtime today (Nov 19th, 5-6PM EST / 10-11PM GMT).
      Unexpected behavior was encountered during the course of some maintenance.

      We are sorry if anybody lost their post during the 1 hour downtime.
      If you had started writing a post before the downtime started and tried to post it during the downtime, you probably noticed an error. You might need to write it again.

      We apologize for the hassle. Something as innocent as a little regular maintenance ended up in a catastrophic system failure, so to speak. All is well now though.

      Thanks for your patience.
    7. AnneG

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      Oooh, So that's what happened.
    8. 2014winner

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      otitis media with permanent hearing loss
      Thank you for being back online

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