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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Christopher123, Sep 1, 2015.

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      Loud music i think
      Hi all,
      I have just registered today in order to post this message - to say that if you have recently got tinnitus and are suffering i know it easy to say but 'hang in there' - it got notably better for me after 7 months - but those first number of months were very difficult. When I got tinnitus and a level of sound sensititity (minor to moderate hyperacusis) I simply could not sleep well with it and was in very difficult place of suffering for the first 5 or 6 months it seemed like my life was forever altered in many respects with the first 3 months being the worst. The lack of sleep meant I was constantly tired and in hindsight was unable to help myself properly and get properly treated as I was so run down.
      i read this forum about a month after i got the tinnitus and it gave me hope and I tried many many supplements and approaches to treat it over the first 6 months - my physical health actually improved but the tinnitus did not go away during the first 6 months.

      I went to 3 different doctors and they all told me there was fluid behind the ear drum that was causing the tinnitus so for the first 4 months i was trying many ways to solve the issue of fluid behind the ear drum (decongestants etc). One mistake I made was I did not go to a ENT specialist until after 4 months - although the specialist could not solve the tinnitus at all he did say that all the GP doctors were wrong and that there was no fluid behind the ear drum. An audiologist who puts a camera in the ear also told me there was no fluid behind the ear drum. The specialist said tho that he had no cure - he simply said there was a 50/50 chance the sound would go away after 6 months.

      After 7 months the intensity/annoyance factor of the sound decreased from around a 7/10 to about a 2.5/10. For about 2 months now my sleep and energy has been much better. It is still there but seems quieter and simply does not bother me as much. Sometimes it flares up and is louder but overall I seem to have largely adjusted to it, i am sleeping again, and am now getting on with my life again.

      I am guessing probably most people have different cases so what worked for me may not work for you...but i will list things i have done anyway ...I honestly do not know 'exactly' what has caused the improvement for me - overall i would say it has not been anything specific but that my overall 'health and energy and vitality' is much better through nutrition and the changes in the way i live my life, i think the brain has adjusted to the tinnitus some and the body has more energy because im treating it much better and the soul feels more alive because im doing more of what is important to took months of these changes before i noticed a change in the intensity of the tinnitus... so i dont know for sure if it just naturally went away or if the changes i made were responsible...
      nevertheless i 'think' the following 'helped':
      - even when things seem hopeless make one small change each day (these changes will gradually make a difference to your life)
      - cold shower in the morning to properly wake me up even if i have not slept properly
      - find the nutrition that works for you - im taking hot water first thing, lemon juices, supergreens and fruit and veg smoothies in the morning, porridge, - vegetarian greens and carrots and cabbage, chickpeas 4 lunch etc, supergreens, high quality nutrition, (an acupuncturist person told me the reason i was getting tinnitis was that im not eating meat - however im still vegetarian and the T has subsided)
      - regular exercise 'outside' - i am cycling 10 or 20 km almost every day (be safe)
      - relaxation before bed - chamomile tea, lavender tea, warm shower b4 bed
      - boiled organic milk with tumeric before bed apparently contains melatonin and can help with sleep (i think this has made a difference) boil it up 3 times to get rid of any impurities
      - get your digestion working well (ginger tea etc)- once this is working well and you are giving your body the right nutrition the body can start to heal itself better
      - lemon juice in water in morning (acalizing effect)
      - do whatever it takes to get good sleep - your body needs to sleep to heal itself - this took a number of months for me taking various things for sleep valerian, hops, lavender, etc (the valerian left me groggy the next day so good to get off it a soon as possible in my case)
      - leaving the window open to have the sounds of rain or the wind masked the tinnitus some
      - gentle music to mask the sound ( i no longer need this)
      - i took b complex vitamins, b12, pycnogenol, vit c, cayenne tincture, gingko, lobelia tincture, kidney cleanse, detox programme, triphala, (not sure if any of these helpd at all - but i think the b vitamins and the detox are a good idea)
      - avoiding loud places ( i just could not handle it)
      - avoiding stress (stress seemed to make the t worse)
      - associating with the people you want to associate with and not with people that drag you down or contaminate your thoughts
      - sesame seed oil drops in ear (warmed), almond oil drops in ear (warmed), ( a remedy i tried and continue to do)
      - i cut out all caffeine and stimulants especially in the afternoon evening- alcohol, tea , coffee, cacao etc - i didnt take much of these anyway -
      - work on addressing any emotional issues - work out what is best for you in these situations- respect yourself but try to let go of any internal anger that may be hurting you - be respectful to people but express yourself if you want to you have the right to do so - look after your self - its your life not any one elses - dont let anyone or anything ruin your day - its 'your' day...
      - having fun, singing, dancing, chanting, letting go (you do not need alcohol for these things) - such things can be a release from the stress of tinnitus
      - fresh air, nature, respect nature, swimming in (clean) lakes, hiking, cycling (be safe with all that)
      - talking and meeting with like minded people
      - be practical but start to simplify your life and follow your real dreams - this can be fun ! this can take your mind off the tinnitus
      - if you believe in God honour and express your love and respect to God everyday
      - limit time on computer and electronic devices - instead get out in the fresh air and do something active or invigorating
      - connect more with your true friends and tell them you love and respect them
      - and as Bob Marley said dont worry be happy.

      I always appreciated the simple things in life but now I am so much more grateful for even the smallest aspect of my life - when i was run down with the tinnitus i had not even enough mental focus to read a single page of a book - this evening i am curently reading a wonderful book that was written 5000 years ago - the Tinnitus made me slow down and reevaluate my life - each moment is precious.

      Best wishes - Christopher
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      loud concert
      Hi @Christopher123 Great Post. Your situation is very similar to mine. I have been doing many of the same things you are doing. My T has gotten slightly better than when it first started 4 months ago. I find it hard to keep up with all the changes. I find that I'm slipping back to my old ways. thanks for the post. This has given me inspiration !
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      Loud music i think
      Thanks for your kind message Robert. Best wishes to you.
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      Long duration of low audio
      Did you ever find out the cause for your tinnitus? And was it in your ear or in your brain?

      Thanks for posting.
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      Loud music i think
      Hi Sean. I dont know the cause. I think it may have been listening too loudly to music on headphones and/or stress.
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      AC/DC concert at the BB&T Center, Sunrise, FL
      Thanks for that post.

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