There's Light at the End of the Tunnel — Tinnitus for 8 Years (Since 12 Years Old)

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      Hi all,

      I wanted to share my story as someone who has been suffering from tinnitus long-term, kinda to show there can be light at the end of the tunnel and to help any new sufferers from feeling anxious/hopeless.

      The cause of my tinnitus has never been diagnosed and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I actually had the bravery to research about it. When I first started experiencing it I was terrified and had no idea what it was, I was a very private child and only shared with my mum who thought I was being over paranoid and imagining it. I avoided being alone in silent rooms (traded my love of reading for watching TV to mask the sound) and did everything I could to avoid sleeping in silence, which was a time of the day it bothered me the most.

      After a few months I had just kinda accepted its existence instead of trying to hide from it, and I remember saying to my mum, don’t worry, it hasn’t gone away but I’m just used to it now.

      I’m lucky in the sense that my tinnitus sounds like an old-fashioned TV, which is easy to blend into the background throughout the day, with a few other low and high-pitch noises that are quieter. Occasionally it flares up but not for lengthy amounts of time. I also consider myself lucky that I got tinnitus young rather than older, as I’ve heard stories from people that are really struggling to cope in adult life.

      Now I’ve had it so long it’s really just become a new reality for me, and I don’t remember a time without it, which makes it a lot easier to cope with.

      I hope that those who have just recently started to suffer with tinnitus find some peace over the coming months and years and are able to accept and continue their lives despite the condition.

      Also, if anyone has any questions or would like to share their story, I would be honoured to hear.
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      Hey, welcome! My story started out very similar. My tinnitus started when I was very young as well, 9 or 10. Nobody knew why. My guess was miniscule hearing loss caused by numerous ear infections and antibiotics. I went to the Dr. at some point and he taught me the valsalva maneuvre which did nothing. I also avoided silent rooms like the plague until I got old enough and habituated to the mild ringing. Whatever room I was in I made sure there was a fan or TV running. It mostly stayed the same for years and even got so quiet I had to pick it out to notice it. Had my ears flushed when I turned 20 but the tinnitus stayed.

      It's good that you have joined and are learning about the condition. I WISH I HAD HAVE. I always knew tinnitus was usually tied to hearing loss, but I had no idea it could get worse. I never educated myself on the dangers of loud noise and the implications it would have not only on my hearing but on the intrusiveness and volume of my tinnitus. In 2019 at the age of 26 I went to 3 heavy metal concerts in small venues, without ear protection. I had never been to a loud club, bar, concert or anything loud outside highschool dances in my life. CATASTROPHIC MISTAKE. I had no idea how destructive extended high dB exposure could be, especially to someone with already fragile ears and tinnitus. After the 3rd concert I came back with hearing loss, symptoms consistent with hyperacusis, and now the mild tinnitus that was 1/10 in vol. is now a 4 to 5 baseline. The past 2 months of my life have been hell coming to grips with this.

      I can't urge you enough my young comrade, avoid loud crap like the plague. No concerts, and if you're gonna take the chance wear earplugs!! Use ear protection even for mowing the lawn or vacuuming. Get a dB measuring app on your phone and be cognizent of safe exposure times. Be vigilant everywhere you go. I wish, I wish I had known.
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      Thanks for sharing your story and I’m truly sorry to hear your tinnitus has worsened recently. I can imagine how upsetting it must be for you after getting used to it and then having this happen. Thank you for the reminder to protect from loud noises - I’ve recently in the past couple of years (I’m 20 by the way) been wearing ear protection at concerts/festivals as I’m aware it could make my tinnitus worse and also I find loud noise uncomfortable.

      Tinnitus is odd, because mine isn’t linked to any hearing loss and since having it I think it’s made me even more sensitive to noise. Although I will definitely continue to take precautions just in case. Especially as I get older it’s more likely to cause more damage I suppose.

      I wish you the best of luck.

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