Thirteen Months and Counting

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nordland90, Apr 2, 2018.

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      1 March 2017
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      Reason unknown. Perhaps ear syringing.
      Hello people on this forum. I was going to post here on my anniversary but I forgot about this entire page, perhaps just as good since the first months I kept browsing here like a madman which made me think about it even more.

      I've now had it for a bit over a year and I dont think its going to go away anytime soon. My hope in the start was that I'd wake up one day and there would be silence, but I don't expect that to happen anymore. I have some days where the sound is louder than normal (usually when some other shit happens, high stress and depression seems to go hand in hand with tinnitus) and then im bothered about it, but unlike the first 2-3 months I don't go on hour long google searches to read about possible cures and only find false hope and horror stories that tends to pop up when you google too much about it.

      What have I come to think about this after a year? That unless the bad days become the norm, then I'm able to live like this. Sure I was better off before my right ear started making noises but seeing as one cant go back in time there aint all that much to do about it.
      I've been to a normal doctor, he checked my ears and found nothing wrong and send me to a ENT who did some more checking and gave me a hearing test and also found nothing. I tried nasal spray and that did nothing, I tried allergy medicine and that also did naff all. I tried to not listen to music and generally keep it quiet around me and that didnt change anything either. The only thing ive found to help is not thinking about it, its hard and most of the time I still do. So now I try to just keep myself occupied doing stuff, driving walking or gaming. I still have some weird clicking noises each time I swallow, something that started about the same time as my t +/-. It might be some ETD stuff but since the doctors didn't see anything I dont know how to fix that either.

      All the best and I really feel it for you ppl who have it much louder than myself. I hope you manage to catch a break somehow.
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      Intermittent Tinnitus probably noise induced
      Sounds like you're doing very well. It's good to hear that you're adjusting to this. At nine months with T, I never wake up to silence, but sometimes it takes me a while to even notice the sound(s), which is an improvement.
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      I am not sure if you care or not but if you have TMD or TMJ you would get that prognosis from a dentist. They would do bite tests and X-RAYs for the jaw.

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