This Is Not How I Intended to Ring In the New Year...

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      So here is my story...
      I went to a concert about 3 1/2 months ago. A friend gave me set of musician plugs to use so I kind of turned off my concerns of hearing damage an enjoyed the show. A few days after the concert my ears seemed to fill up, a lot a lot of pressure pain my right ear, and my hearing seemed to drop to about 20 percent. I went to the doctor and he said my ear drums were retracted and sent me to an ENT. In the mean time I seemed to require a steady stream of antibiotics to quell a series of ear infections, so the ENT decided to give it time before he did an audiogram. A month later my hearing returned along with a mild high pitched ringing in both ears that sometimes will ping and then hearing drops out for a few seconds. The problem right ear still feels full all of the time and has a strange low range T that tends to oscillate, kind of sounds like a motor boat bouncing off the waves also seems quite sound sensitive. Upon my second visit to the ENT he found a dark spot behind my right eardrum, he said it could be a bone spur on the malleus or some rough skin on the ear drum and sent me for a CT scan to get a better look. I have this maddening sensation in the right ear that can be compared to how ones finger nail feels when lightly scraped on the palm of the hand. I have this feeling when I talk and when I eat. I will see him again in 2 weeks and I guess we will decide if it should be operated on. Not even sure what he has in mind.
      I would like some help as to what I should be asking him also wonder if surgery would remove the motor boat from my head.

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