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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jeanette D., Dec 18, 2013.

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      Thanks for this forum. I first started having problems with this around 2007 or 2008. It was mostly in the morning, and I thought the noises in my ear were from the electrical lines outside. It went away for a few years but now it's back and kicking my butt. It came back about a week or two ago and it's getting worse.

      During the day it's mostly in my left ear, but at night the right kicks in. It's a combination of droning, singing, conversations and static. It's affecting my balance and vision now. At first it was only at night, but now it's pretty constant. I drown it out with tv, and have tried to sleep with the tv low, to drown it out, but that only makes the problem worse. It's so loud!

      The really bad thing about this is that I am currently without insurance, so I can't have it looked at until either I get another job or January 1 comes.

      I have had a total of 2 hours of hypnagognic sleep with very lucid dreams, in 3 days, but nothing else. It's affecting my balance and energy level now too. I downloaded a White Noise app today, sort of worked.

      How do you all deal with this? Thanks, Jeanette
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      My Tinnitus slid into my brain one day. I can't or couldn't put it back in the box of my subconscious, where it belongs, as Dr. Ancill mentioned in here. I like what he said. I don't like to see anybody with no replies after an intro to a forum like this. At least you got some hugs. Welcome to this great forum.

      My GP mentioned "you better get some drugs", that was her feelings toward me. She's watching out for me. I like my doctor and I'm a believer in drugs. My respect goes to you about insurance issue. Seems like the ENT doctor didn't have a cure and it was a runaround with emails with unknown answers to my questions. So I might say, run to the doctor and get some drugs, ASAP. Maybe they can find something, I'm not a doctor.
      My best wishes to you, It's not easy to deal with at the initial onset.
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      Loud noise
      If you are hearing conversations and singing which never happened before, it seems to me that the hyperactivity has spread in your temporal lobe where speech is processed. This phenomenon is called musical tinnitus.
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      Jeanette, feel sorry you have problems with insurance. But you need absolutely some meds to sleep, as sleep deprivation it's really hurting and affecting the level and percepton of T. Maybe you can go to the emergency doctor and ask for help.
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