This Might Sound Weird But (Weird Sound in My Left Ear with Tinnitus)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Asvalian, Dec 14, 2015.

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      Unknown at the moment, prob hearing lost/stress.
      I've noticed that I cannot pop my left ear (the one with T), while my right ear is fine, I find it wierd since I've always been able to do so, and now, even when I wake up and yawn I can't, not even valsalva works on my left ear while the right one just pops as normal. Also just a week ago I've noticed that when I open my mouth, I can hear a very wierd noise that I just can't describe it, in fact, the only thing that comes to my mind that sounds similar to me it like the sound that glue does when you are trying to remove 2 object that have been stuck for some time. This also happens if I move my jaw a bit, from left to right.

      Does this happen to you too?

      Any idea of what it could be?, I know that my eustachian tube are ok or at the very least look normal, (my doctor did pictures of my ears and tubes and they all looked physically ok. So if every is fine, and T is created in the brain, what could these be? I'm a bit worried about this because I feel like I won't be able to stabilize the airpresure on my left ear, and that could be a problem if a travel :(, especially on a plane.

      This also worries me because I still have no garantie on why I have T, so I can't apply for the AM-101 trial yet, and as far as I know your T has to be new, I'm just 8 weeks in but in just 1 month and 3 weeks I'll be unable to join the trials...

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