"Tick" Sound in Ear After Hearing a Sharp, High Pitched Sound

Discussion in 'Support' started by Hil, Feb 11, 2016.

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      If I hear a sharp sound, like hitting a spoon against a bowl, there is a reaction "tick" sound in my left ear. One quick, ticking, crunching sound almost. It's like I can feel it, too. Is anyone familiar with this?

      For me, I became aware of this at the time my tinnitus started a few months ago.
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      Anxiety, Insomnia, and a Fan at Night
      When you hear certain loud noises your stapedius and tensor tympany work together to restrain the middle ear to protect the inner ear. Convulsions of these muslces, and thus the middle ear, do make sounds like what you are describing. I should know because I hear it constantly, not intermittently. Look up Myoclonus of the middle ear. There is a section of the myoclonus article on wikipedia for the middle ear, and there are some posts you can search for here about it. Use the search function on this site.

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