Tinnitus After Concussion

Discussion in 'Support' started by Jenlo37, Aug 4, 2015.

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      Hi I'm new to this site an wondered if anyone can help. My tinnitus started the day after a head injury which left me with 6 staples in my head and concussion. I've been suffering from vertigo and low frequency tinnitus for about 8 months now and it's driving me crazy. Audiology have been great and I'm currently waiting for an appointment to get a hearing aid fitted as I also have a moderate low frequency hearing loss. Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if the hearing aid will help with tinnitus?
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    2. I see one of the best Neuros for PCS. Give it time, hopefully it will pass.

      No comment regarding hearing aid.

      Did you have Ct scan of your inner ear?
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      Hi Jeanie. sorry about your accident. Were you put on any meds following your head injury? What frequencies do you have moderate hearing loss?
      I also had a concussion 16 month ago. Post Concussion Syndrome is the absolute worst.
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      @Street Spirit. how long have you had PCS and was Tinnitus part of it?
    5. I can not say I have PCS. I believe I don't. .My Neuro believes I did which then turned into chronic atypical migraine..- whatever that means..Initially from two doctors I had TN diagnosis with T and H. I still suspect this and most likely from accident that messed something up..jaw..neck..nerve. .don't know.
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      barotrauma? stress?
      @Jenlo37, don't get hearing aids they won't help! Hearing aids only amplify sound. They won't make you hear in the frequencies that you can't hear anymore (in which T dwells). Worse, hearing aids can damage your ears over time. So unless you are **as good as deaf** hearing aids are just money business for audiologists.

      @Street Spirit, are you by any chance Lynn? You look just like her.
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      Hi everyone.
      I'm also new to this site. I am sorry to hear about all your injuries and the incidences of tinnitus that have resulted from it. However it makes me feel very reassured I'm not the only one suffering.
      I was knocked unconscious by a golf ball about 10 days ago, a very well struck shot by my teenage son from about 50 yards ( although about 45 degrees off target )!
      The tinnitus was immediate and has not improved at all. Living in the UK, I was treated as an emergency by our underfunded National health Service. No X-ray, CT or MRI scans were done and even refused. I was sent home with ibuprofen and told to rest. Although they confirmed I had mild concussion.
      I have had the other symptoms some of you describe, increased pressure in both ears , heightened sensitivity to any load noise, nausea etc. I tried listening to some music with my headphones today and found it really unpleasant, it sounded like the speakers were damaged and some of the frequencies were very distorted.
      I know it's early days but the question is, based on all your experiences, am I looking at weeks or months of this ? I would rate the level of noise between 6-7 which is definitely worse in the evening.
      I can definitely understand how this can lead to bouts of depression, but knowing it might improve might make life a little easier at the moment.
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      Hi nickjcs. Initially I was told the tinnitus would ease as would my concussion symptoms. I have been lucky in that my GP has been very supportive. Do you have a regular GP you could talk to? I had a pre existing hearing loss which my audiologist says my brain has latched onto when I had my head injury which is causing the tinnitus. How was your hearing before you were hit on the head? Hopefully you won't be in my shoes in 8 months time.
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      Hi everyone. I am also new to this site. I am grateful that you have come together to offer advice. My tinnitus begin when I suffered a concussion playing hockey April 23rd 2016. I had all the typical symptoms although the nausea did not last very long. The first 10 days were pretty awful had no tolerance for light or noise. I'm not sure when I noticed the tinnitus I think it was after the first day or so but everything I can't remember. After an awful week to 10 days the symptoms started to improve slightly. It's still fairly bad especially by the end of the day but there's no question that the post-concussion symptoms have slightly except for the tinnitus. It has remained steady and Constant in volume and pitch since I first noticed it. It's mainly in my right ear where I got hit by an elbow but I have it much less loudly in my left ear as well. Definitely notice it more in the evening and of course when it's quiet. My question is having noticed my other symptoms definitely although very slowly improving has anyone actually experienced a change or reduction in the tinnitus post-concussion?
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      I'm so sorry for all of us suffering with PCS, T&H.
      Do any of those who developed T&H due to concussion have any updates with regards to improvement over time and how long it took? I'm approaching month 5 with only very modest improvement in hyperacusis but not much in the way of T (at least that's my impression) though hard to gage sometimes. @martin12, any improvement for you? I ask because we both seem to have developed T & H due to concussion.
      Any updates would be appreciated. Thanks!

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