Tinnitus After Getting Water in Ears?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Nic1982, Jun 5, 2015.

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      My names Nic and last Thursday I experienced the awful tinnitus for the first time. It lasted 5 days, gradually getting quieter after a couple of days, but I can't find much info on people getting tinnitus after getting water in their ears.

      Basically, I had a bath (I usually shower) and I put my head under and lay there for a while. When I got out of the bath I used a cotton bud (never again) but I didn't poke it down my ear or anything. Then a few minutes later I experienced the loud high pitch whistling sound. I could hear it over the TV etc and after a few hours I started to panic and researched T on the net (scary reading). That night I didn't get winc of sleep, after 24 hours it was a quieter so that I could only hear it in a quiet room, and 24 hours after that quieter still so that I could only hear it in bed or when I closed my ear. A couple of days after I got the water in my ear I started to feel ear pain and my ears felt full, on Monday I visited my GP and I do have an infection and now anti-bs, but the tinnitus started before the ear infection.

      I'm very happy to say for the past 2 days the T has gone completely but I still have ear pain and fullness. I'm terrified it's going to return. Does anyone know if temporary T can be caused by water/ear infections as I can only find info on temp T being caused by noise.

      The only person I knew with tinnitus was my granddad, caused by working in a very loud mill for years, but unfortunately he's no longer with us.

      I pray for those of you with permanent T that a cure is found soon.

      Thanks for reading.

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      The tinnitus probably started at the same time of the infection. Infections have some incubation time before they become full blown and shown more symptoms (such as ear pain you describe). It sounds like you treated the infection the earliest that you could so it's very possible it might subside.

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