Tinnitus After Having Ear Syringed by Nurse at GP

Discussion in 'Support' started by kevin glaister, Jun 19, 2017.

    1. kevin glaister

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      march 2017
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      ear wax removal by gp practise nurse
      Hi, I am new here.

      4 months ago I went to my doctor because my left ear felt bunged up, before this never any problems with my ears. The nurse said there was a lot of wax in my ear and suggested using olive oil for a week to soften the wax, and maybe it would release it.

      When I went back she syringed the ear , which cleared the wax.

      Since then I have had a constant high pitch ringing in my ear.

      I have been back to complain and an appointment has been made to see an ENT specialist.

      Has this happened to anyone else, and has anyone ever recovered from it?, or am I stuck with it?

      Thank you in anticipation of any support with this, it's driving me crazy.
    2. Vera Lisa

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      wax removal

      I got my T after a microsuction made by a specialist doctor.. he said that I had a lot of wax ... I have T just in my left ear for more than 2 years now...
      Unfortunately there are some people in this forum that got T after a wax removal...
    3. GregCA

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      Unfortunately it happens... some people on this forum have had the same result.

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