Tinnitus After One Concert. It Can Go Away?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by ors96, Nov 10, 2015.

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      Hello :) My name is Örs,Im 19 years old and I got T from a concert(loud music under a tent) on July 2015.
      I was too close to the speakers but I didnt noticed the T until I went home. (when the gig was over I just noticed only that i cant hear very well after the gig,but I dont care about that)
      The first day or days my T was very loud,I can even heard when my mom washed the dishes. I have high pitched ringing
      I went to ENT but they gave me just some gingko biloba... . The first weeks I was very depressed(even now I have bad feelings,but 80% i got my life back). I went also on a HBO therapy(5 times) but nothing changed,just i paid a lot. I was also on hearing test and I dont have hearing loss. Which is good,but not enough.
      But now its a bit quieter. If im at home I can hear if focus on it.I can also hear when I put my head down on my arm.Also I hear in my bed,but the good thing is if Im in nature or in the town with my friends or just walking alone in the street I cant hear :)
      Now(Nov/2015) I bought some hearing protector so I can wear it when Im in louder places as bars( not clubs,just bars with moderate or not so loud raggie or chill style music).
      I dont know if I have chance to recover,because 3 months already passed,but I saw a lot of success stories(T disappeared after 6-7 months) just Im a bit hopeless because I bought just now the hearing protector and not in the first weeks. I hope my tinnitus will go away,so I can live my life much better than now.
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      who knows? who cares?
      Ors, it is still possible (I doubt anyone can say how possible), that your T will go away in time. But even if it doesn't, it seems that you are dealing with it better. that will continue over time, and you will notice it less and less, and cope with it better and better, until you someday reach a point, where it has very little (if any) effect on your life. I hope that it goes away for you. But if it doesn't, take solace in knowing that habituation is very real for most people, and at some point they think very little (if ever) about their T, and go on to live very happy and healthy lives, even with T.

      Good luck,


      P.S. Protect your ears at loud events. You do not want to do something silly and make it worse.
    3. AUTHOR

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      Yeah I know its possible,just i dont know how rarely... Because I still have hope,but I dont know how often goes away the T after a large period like my 3 months.
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      did u feel any improvement? I mean in recent weeks it faded at outdoor and u only noticed it while u are take nap next to your bed or in very quite room?
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      I dont know. Maybe the volume is a bit lower,or just I dont focus on it. And the high frequency sound goes to the background and now I hear some hissing sound(like the old TV-s) because in the first months or so it was like the sound after the explosion in the films(high frequency). Or just simply i can put in the background and choose the less irritating sound to hear. Because I dont need to mask my T to fall asleep.
      I just want to know the real chances to became more quieter or even dissapear. Yeah no one knows,cuz almost everything is possible,just I want to know what is the real odds. How rarely or often disappear the T after months or even years.
    6. Digga

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      I had it for around 3 weeks once after an extremely loud visit to a night club, it went after the 3 weeks but the next time I was exposed to something similar (idiot friends playing music loud in the car) why o why I never said anything I dont know but from that It gave me tinnitus again and I have had it for 3 years almost
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      Loud Indoor Rock Concert
      Hi Ors,

      I got from a concert as well, 3.5 months ago, i was too close to sound drivers and stood like this for >2 hours. In the beginning the tonal sound was to prominent but nowadays i seldom hear it and it's replaced by an hissing sound.

      The shifting of the frequency from a tonal one to a hissing sound might be a sign that you're improving, i heard stories like that. I assume that the self healing starts with the low frequencies and progresses towards higher. Do not take this self healing thing too seriously though, cochlea healing itself by its own is not something proven, it may just improve a little bit.


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