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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Riikka, Oct 17, 2013.

    1. Riikka

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      I have had tinnitus since 2007. For me, tinnitus started after a very stressful period in my life, after moving places, problems at work,...It was quite a shock at the beginning and it took quite a while to adjust to the sound, but fortunately my tinnitus was of that kind that it seemed to get more quite in the evening prior to going to sleep.

      When my tinnitus started, I attended to cycles of HBO, which didn't seem to do anything. After that, I used sound therapy, listening to nature songs, which seemed to help. After a while, I quit listening to the nature sounds on a regular basis. Tinnitus usually only bothered me in the evening when I came home, after having been to noisy places...

      I started to be more confident again, not so afraid of loud noises or sleeping any more. I was quite content with my life and ok with the tinnitus, until about 6 weeks ago when I went out and spent the evening in a loud nightclub. Of course I did worry about my ears, but thought I'd be ok, I was wearing earplugs that where supposed to filter 30db.

      When coming home my tinnitus did seem very noisy, but I wasn't too concerned, as my tinnitus usually reacts to loud sounds. I thought it would calm down after a while. Two weeks later the tinnitus continued being very loud and I started to get very concerned and anxious about it. It has even influenced my sleep now, which it didn't use to do.

      I really regret going to that nightclub and certainly won't go to any loud places in the future, but unfortunately I can't get it undone.

      I'm happy though to have found this forum, as the members here seem to be more supportive and positive than in other places in the internet.
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    2. seal

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      acoustic trauma
      Hello Riikka,
      Try not to worry too much, I really do think it will get better and the Tinnitus will calm down with time. Tinnitus is tricky and sometimes needs a lot of time to settle down again... just try to stay calm and relax, it will get better. You wore a good set of earplugs, so you will be fine in the end.
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    3. James White

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      April 2013
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      Maybe loud music. Not sure.
      Hello Riikka, welcome to the forums

      I hope your tinnitus will get better :) You can always come back from time to time on this forum as it's very supportive !
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    4. yonkapin

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      March 2012
      Yeah I agree, 30db attenuation is pretty significant (most muso's, club goers I know use 15-25db) so I doubt you did any permanent damage! Try to get some good sleep in and keep busy! Hope things begin to improve!
    5. Markku

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      Has it calmed down at all during the 6 weeks? After the first 2 weeks you said it hadn't, but how about the 4 weeks after that?

      It's not really your fault. You went out and enjoyed a night out like everybody else. You took care of your hearing with a set of earplugs. I don't think you were irresponsible.

      Have you started listening to nature sounds again? Does it now help with falling asleep?

      You look young, have you had an audiogram? Any measurable hearing loss?

      I agree with @seal's advice above. Give it time.
    6. AUTHOR

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      I'm not really sure if it has calmed down..though if I'm busy doing something for example cooking I don't really hear the tinnitus..then again when I sit down in a quiet room it sounds really loud.

      The nature sounds are actually helpful. I now listen to a river sound for sleeping, which does help me relax.

      I have a doctor's appointment in one month. I'm 32, but I guess an audiogram would be a good idea to make, I guess it is possible to have hearing loss at any age.
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    7. Sailor101

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      Hi, my T started just like yours, not long ago when mostly everything was fine my T was very low, now things are a bit tense again, so I notice my T more, maybe the loudness of T is the same, but now that you are more stressed you put more attention on it.

      I hope you get better soon!
    8. erik

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      Most likely hearing loss
      Tinnitus is an up and down battle. You have good days and bad days. Good periods and bad. You have dealt with it for quite some time now and you are going thru a bad period now. Give it time, it will improve and you will too. Welcome.
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    9. Thongjy

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      Hi Rikka how is your T now?

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