Tinnitus and Cold Weather!

Discussion in 'Support' started by trocobob, Mar 6, 2016.

    1. trocobob

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      Maybe stress ?

      Im A Tinnitus suffrer from 2 months . It was loud on the begenin but it is moderate now
      However When im out and the weather is Windy and Cold i believe that My T increasing.
      I wonder if it affect My Tinnitus and get it Worse .

      Note : My tinnitus causes i think Pressure and ear wax accumulation . I think both have been factors of infections .
      I has alot of exams + my work , the day before hearing the first sign of Tinnitus .

      Thank you
    2. hurtingdream

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      Unknown/ETD since 11/2015
      Mine gets worse too in cold weather. I always wear a hat or a headband. Keep warm!
    3. truesilence

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      My T started the same day when a very cold blast of wind hit my left ear!!??

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