Tinnitus and Ear Plugs (Loud Environments)

Discussion in 'Support' started by Matteo27, Aug 1, 2016.

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      Hey, how's it going?

      So my T recently spiked at an hour long concert I attended. Its been about a week and ive been trying to stay in as quiet of environmentscas possible. Just have a question about wearing ear plugs at work. Im going back to work this week at a car factory so I absolutley need to plug my ears. However, i've been seeing several post talking about ear plugs potentially not being healthy for Tinnitus. Up until now ( the past 5 weeks) i've been wearing only the standered classic plugs avaliable at work. Starting today however I began wearing a pair Bilson Clarity C 3 earmuffs on top of the standered plugs. While my tinnitus is louder while wearing these, the noise around me has been reduced to level that seems much more safe.

      Since the concert a week ago my tinnitus in my left ear seems back to normal, where as my right ear is still louder with a very slight pain that appears occasinaly throughout the day.

      Just wanted to know if anyone here has any experience with plugging their ears due to work or has any experience with getting their ears back to normal after a T spike.

      Any help would be great, thanks!
    2. linearb

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      plugs are fine in loud environments. The warnings are about wearing them 24/7 or in quiet.
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      Guitars, loud girls and guns
      Second that, use earplugs at work and in louder environments (+-70 dbs and upwards for longer periods of time). Don't use them at home or in quiet places (parks etc.)
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      Loud music/gigs probably
      Were you wearing plugs? Indoor or outdoors?

      As others have said i wouldn't plug in quite places as it could make you sensitive to sounds.
    5. Bobby B

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      long term NIHL and recent acoustic trauma
      its only going to make your brain sensitive to sounds for a short while until you remove the plugs - its a temporary effect lasting a few minutes....only a perception thing not a risk to do some permanent change

      wear plugs yes...but even better just wear big ear muffs (peltor x series)
      the issue with plugs is that ear wax cannot flow outside like its designed to and it may also promote bacteria inside if its plugged too long
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      Loud Music
      Tinnutus and Hyperacusis can be caused by wearing ear plugs as per an experiment..... however ear plug induced T and H are complety reversible when people stopped using them.

      So you be fine with ear plugs....i cannot bear them because they make my T louders by 5 times.
    7. AUTHOR

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      Thank you all very much for your replies!

      From what everyone is saying plugging my ears at work seems fine. Got through the first day, and while wearing ear plugs for 9 hours straight certainally wasen't pleasent, as long as I know the increased T perception is temporary it's managable.

      Again thank you all for you input!

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