Tinnitus and Eyesight

Discussion in 'Support' started by Alek, May 17, 2015.

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      My friends I would like your input!

      I am so sick of this. I have been very zoned out since acquiring tinnitus.

      When people are speaking and I am looking at them they are in focus and it seems the canvas behind them is disoriented.

      I try to focus as much as I can within the conversation but most of the time I'm more thinking about how the anxiety to keep up is draining me more than the ability to retain the conversation/information.

      My friends. Has your eyesight changed of the sort since acquiring tinnitus? I've been to 3 different eye checks and they all say my eyes are healthy.

      I know how normal things were before tinnitus. How everything in my vision was one and concise. Things are different now.

      Has anyone else experience a distortion in vision and/or began questioning your eyesight since acquiring tinnitus?
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      Having suffered from anxiety and panic disorders for decades prior to T & H, I can relate to what you are going through with the eye problem. Tinnitus is known to cause us intense anxiety at the onset. Anxiety is also known to cause temporary eye problems, such as blurred vision, redness (like being out of sleep), eye floaters (which I have many), tunnel vision etc. When you learn to live with your T and do things to relax yourself, your anxiety level will go down and your eye issue will slowly improve. It is your reaction to tinnitus that you need to improve. Don't worry. Most people get better over time and by applying some strategies. Read the success stories to help you be more positive and relax. Believe that you can get better like the members who post the success stories.

      Here is a link to eye problem caused by tinnitus. There are many such articles if you google 'anxiety and eyesight'. Take it easy and do things to relax. Try mindfulness meditation and some stretch & breathing exercises as they can help relieve anxiety.

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      My eyesight suddenly became worse after developing T.

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