Tinnitus and (I Think) Hyperacusis Since One Week Ago, Got Worse — From Wind Bands / Headphones?

Discussion in 'Support' started by john92, Apr 23, 2020.

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      On Wednesday last week I woke up with a ringing in my left ear. I don't know what caused it, but probably because I've played in wind bands weekly almost all my life (28yo) and daily headphone usage (though for the past 5 years almost exclusively of the around-ear type). The timing is weird though because due to covid we haven't had any rehearsals the last month.

      Anyway, I also noticed an increased sensitivity to normal sounds such as kitchen noises and doors slamming. Not really pain but more an uncomfortable feeling in my ears. From reading around I believe this is hyperacusis but I'm not sure.

      Both conditions was mostly in my left ear but I've heard a fainter ringing in my right ear occasionally and sometimes it has shifted from my left to the right. The volume has been weak, can't hear it at all when I'm outside for example.

      Initially I didn't take any particular precautions but since Saturday I've made sure to limit my noise exposure as much as possible and this seemed to be working; yesterday I heard almost no ringing whatsoever. However I also got careless and exposed my ears to more sounds than maybe I should've, such as vacuuming, but nothing that a week would've caused me any concern.

      So last night, I woke up about 1:30am and ringing was way worse than it had been that evening. It has persisted to this morning (10am currently) and for the first time I'm hearing it consistently in both ears. I've also had some pain in my left ear. I'm really worried that I've messed up my recovery process here, any thoughts? On the other hand I've slept really badly the last nights so maybe that is what's causing it?
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      I am so sorry to hear that you at going through this. It sounds like you may have damage to your hearing from your band playing. Do you protect your ears when playing?

      I would see an ENT and get a hearing test. It does sound like you also have hyperacusis.

      I got tinnitus after an AC/DC concert 5 years ago. It settled and I was doing well for years, my tinnitus was almost imperceivable, until a spike 2 days ago in one ear. Possibly due to fluid in the ear but it is super annoying and scary.

      I would recommend letting your ears rest and heal. Try not to expose them to any noise for a bit. Hopefully, it will settle down and improve but it may take some time. During this time it is important to sleep , even if you need to take something to help you sleep, or maybe try masking with a sound machine at night not headphones. Sleep is really important in managing this condition. You may also want to get some advice about how to protect your ears. I keep my headphones (I use them rarely) to no more than 50 percent. My rule with my kids too. That was based on the advice of an audiologist who specializes in tinnitus. I also have custom ear plugs for events where the noise level will by high e.g. concerts, sporting events etc.

      I would also try to seek out ENTs and audiologists who specialize in tinnitus. Too often people see an ENT who is dismissive and is just like “ deal with it”. There are no treatments but for most it does improve and perhaps even resolve in time.

      Best to you.

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      The same thing happened to me, 5 days ago my hearing got sort of echo-y and it would be a high pitched sound and then die down quickly to silence but then it just came and this high pitched ringing has been nonstop. It’s scary and beyond annoying, not even sure what the first step is. I lost my sense of smell almost 2 months ago and was quite sure I had COVID-19, I hope this isn’t an after effect.

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