Tinnitus and Loud Crackling Noise When Exposed to Loud Noises

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      I've been suffering from tinnitus for about 10 years, in the recent weeks it has worsened due to exposure to loud sounds.

      My left ear has much worse t than my right one, altough the right one has it, too.

      The left ear is also more sensitive to noise and starts making crackling sound(like handling a paperbag inside my ear), for example when I drink water from tap, when I lower my head to the tap the noise from the water makes my left ear make that crackling. My right ear does it too however it needs to be much closer to the tap water.

      I heard the crackling sound caused by loud noises about 12 years ago for the first time.

      What could be causing the crakling and could it be connected to something like fluid inside the ear or something that can be fixed by a doctor?

      I wonder if these two problems could be connected and if I can expect my tinnitus that got worse about two weeks ago go back to baseline after few months since it was worsened by loud noise?
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      not sure
      Welcome to TT. It is possible to be caused by fluid. It may be an ear drum issue or infection. The best thing is to get an ENT to check out thoroughly. Then you can rule out that there is something wrong with the ears. I have read many people do have T settle back to baseline after some issues with T spiking. Usually this may be caused by increased stress, anxiety, sleeplessness or bad diet such as too much salt, MSG, caffeine, alcohol etc. So it is best to stay calm and positive, have a healthy diet and life style, do some relaxing activities, and wait it out to see if T will subside. In the mean time try to read up the success stories to stay more hopeful and calm and learn some wisdom how to live with T. Here is a good link from TT to advise you what to do step-by-step and it comes with masking sounds.
      Take good care and God bless.

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      I get the crackling sound too. Like a blown speaker ! I thought I was the only one!!! Is there anything we can do for it? I have had it for years now. People yelling or any loud noise makes my ears crackle. I also am plagued with 4 different high pitched tones along with one that recently showed up :( it sounds like a woooooooooo...like wind in a tunnel
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      When my T settles down that is when I get the crackling. Then it may get quiet for a while. It is the intense air blowing sound that I hate. Buzzing, watery brook sound ,high pitch sounds too. So crackling is ok with me if I have a choice.

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