Tinnitus and search for answer - success to some degree

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      I originally got T back in 2008 following an accident (right ear). After this I was devatated, slept with a fan at night. I took a hearing check witch was good. I always suspected my jaw to cause the problem as i know i forced it very hard to the left and have had some pain since. But not much. I guess my T wasn't all that high back then, but still got me panicked. I only heard it in quite places, not so much elsewere.

      In january 2014 my T got much worse in my right ear. I was devastated again. The frequency is around 300 Hz. I started noticing that is was much worse especially in the morning, and then it calmed down somewhat, but still present much higher than before. If I fell asleep for 10 minutes it was really bad again. This coincided with a very stressfull time of my life. However my search began (again) to find the cause for this increased level. This also started around the time i took Azopiclone for ca 14 days. I later read about the dangers of these drugs. I took 7,5 mg, and stopped abruptly. I feared T might be withdrawal effects.
      A new hearing check came out very good, no hearing loss in normal range.

      I started searching the internet for answers. I went to a chiropractor and it didn't really help that much, so after 5 treatments i left. I went to the dentist for a mouth guard, but that didn't help me either.

      I reasoned that the increase in loudness at night might be related to body movments (somatic T). So I started moving everything in my body to try to find a trigger, and sure enough. When I stood up straight, shoulders relaxed down, and tucked my chin in. It all went away! No T! I have since paid more attention to my posture, and while it's still some noise in the morning it is much less, and once I get up it disappears. I guess I tensed up so badly during the stressfull period that my T shot up. Even when I hear it in the morning it doesn't bother me as much I know its not really my ears. I will continue to exercise correct posture and hope it might get better.


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