Tinnitus (And Some Hyperacusis) Since 2007

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      Hello all,

      My story: no problems until early 30s. I started to get ear-ringing and hearing loss after concerts. Particularly Allman Brothers concerts. The hearing loss would be so bad that I couldn't go to work the next day because I couldn't hear. Should have known I had sensitive ears, but kept going. Ringing and hearing loss would go away after 2-3 days.

      Then at about age 42, in 2007, I was at work one day in a huge meeting with 200 people or so, and there was a big ovation for something, and I just about jumped out of my seat it hurt my ears so much. Also, at about the same time, I was volunteer reffing my son's soccer game for the first time, blew the whistle, and literally my vision went completly blurry, and I felt nauseous. This happened a few more times when our dog would do a high-pitch yelp near my head. There are other things that cause it, too, like someone dropping the toilet seat in a public bathroom. One thing that is very interesting is that the hyperacusis started about the same time our younger son was diagnosed with cancer and we had to move back to the U.S. from Latin America. Very stressful time - our younger son eventually passed away, and I wonder how much of the hyperacusis and tinnitus may be related to that. Anyway, the hyperacusis is the lesser problem. It seems like I've been able to adapt to it somehow, although it is still there. If I only had hyperacusis, I'd be fine.

      The problem is that over the years since then the tinnitus has come on, pretty bad over the last two years or so. I stopped drinking completely and just stopped caffeine to see if that helped. Two weeks ago, I went to the last Grateful Dead shows with earplugs, but I think I may have notched up my T permanently despite them. No more concerts ever.

      I also have hearing loss, particularly in my right ear, which is the side where the T is stronger. Haven't gotten hearing aids yet, but suspect I will at some point not too far away.

      Other issues: congestion on right side since 1999. Had turbinate reduction, but still there. Also, when I stick my pinky in my right ear and press back and toward my head, I get all sorts of crunchy sounds. Other side does not do that. Also, I have the feeling of fullness and water in my right ear, like cochlear hydrops. Right ear is effed up. Have seen all sorts of docs, had MRS, blah, blah. No help yet. I'm okay when I am outdoors, but when I am in a silent room, it is pretty brutal.

      Anybody tried acupuncture. I'm willing to try anything at this point. I'm 50, and don't really want to live with this for another 30 years.

      Thanks, and I hope to learn something here.

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      not sure
      Welcome and sorry to hear your struggle with your new T level for the last 2 years. Sometimes, all the years of abusing our ears can do cumulative damage. I too have hearing loss in the high frequency, so my T is an ultra high pitch dog whistle. Your above statement I quote is usually the mistake we made during the worst suffering. We erroneously often project that the future life will be spent in misery with the same T perception. That is the ultimate stressor to the brain and it senses threat which forces it to monitor T all the time and more stress will be added to the body. Thankfully, most of us will find some improvement over time and so we don't need to use the worst period to project a catastrophic future. I made that mistake and paid dearly. But now I am advising people to stay patient and give Time enough time. Read up the success stories and you will know you are not alone and people do get better. Take care & God bless. Here are some stories for example:

      The most read success story 'Back to Silence' with a simple method:

      My success story with some suggestions how to get better:

      Even doctors have T and here is Dr. Hubbard's story:
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