Tinnitus and the Deafening Problem of Noise Pollution

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      Here is an article, which quotes the New Yorker, on how tinnitus levels are on the rise with the global population but nothing is really being done about it, despite it potentially being a major health crisis for this current generation.
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      Related article: noise pollution.

      Neighborhood Noise

      Listening to sounds in everyday life is an important factor in a human life. You can talk, listen to music, and enjoy nature through sound. However, due to adverse effect, listening to unwanted sounds continuously may cause noise-induced health disorders. Noise is an inevitable pollution factor in modern society, and its severity is increasing day by day. In addition, as the improvement of the economic level and the demand for the calm quality of life are increasing, the noise-related problem is emerging as a continuous social issue. Most of the problems associated with noise are mental, especially in developed countries, where social issues with the neighborhood noise are getting worse. The severity of noise-related problems is associated with the characteristics of noise, personal sensitivities, and vulnerable groups, but continued exposure can adversely affect not only health but also sociocultural, ethical, and economical aspects. However, the knowledge of the direct and indirect effects of noise pollution on health is still insufficient. Due to these limitations, it is difficult to establish reasonable standards for resolution and therefore requires more scientific research works.

      Full article: https://www.intechopen.com/online-first/neighborhood-noise
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