Tinnitus and Tooth Bite

Discussion in 'Support' started by bwspot, Sep 17, 2014.

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      Guys, something that has been bugging me since my T started.
      I had the root canal and crown work done on my tooth 4 months ago. For me the crown feels high and continues to bug me. I continue to go to dentist to have it adjusted and every time we feel like its ok, the tooth moves again and still need to be adjusted little more. Seems like initially the crown was just way too high and I must be biting on it for some time and I kind of hammered the tooth too deep and now after each adjustment it tries to adjust itself and comes out a little every time. On the opposite side same tooth is completely loose and does not touch anything. I have times when I wake up and i feel the whole mouth is sore around the the crown is like I would be pressing on it whole night. It loosens up and goes away during the day, but then there are days when this happens again and again, so it never settles.
      Can above cause T?
      My dentist claims that there need to be some contact when I bite but before the crown was put that tooth was free and was not touching anything like the other side.
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      An uneven tooth, can result in an uneven bite which can then result in TMJ. However if your having no jaw pain, or jaw popping I doubt TMJ is the issue.

      Your dentist is correct however that all your teeth should touch when you fully close your jaw and bite.
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      I'm presently having some expensive dental work done: a new bridge to replace my old one on the top left, and a permanent tooth drilled into my right side that will hold another tooth. The bridge is made from zarconia as will be the implant and attached tooth. The work is something that's been needed for some time. The long process of building up the foundation for the implant takes a year, so my right side is a bit on hold for now. The left is doing all the chewing.

      The first time I had two bridges installed, there was an awful lot of pain from the machine grinding. An increase in the volume of the T followed the completion of that part of the process. It took some time for the heighthened ringing to decrease, but, in time, it did. I did a lot of sound therapy as I waited for the inflammation to die down.
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      my T fizzes and increases it's loudness when i bite down. Anyone else going through this trouble?
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      Microsuction ear wax removal
      Yes! When I bite down the tinnitus fizzes as well. I wish I knew what that is. Maybe TMJ?

      I wonder if I should see a dentist.

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