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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gary Hoggett, Feb 4, 2016.

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      Hello there.
      I've had tinnitus since last May and I'm just curious to know if anyone has the same sort of trouble like I do.
      I suffer with vestibular migraine and if I shake my head,I suffer dizziness and blackouts.
      My tinnitus seems to have its own volume control from very loud to louder :(
      It's a sound from a dentist drill to electric drill and its 24/7.
      I hardly sleep and if I listen or watch anything on any volume,my tinnitus will always be above it. I can use earphones and its the same.
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      loud music
      Hello @Gary Hoggett !
      I think you have reactive tinnitus. I have it too, when I wake up after a good sleep and when I am not stressed my t it's softer, a hiss but after I eat something or I go out and I hear the cars, or I am in the mall where music it's loud my t will go crazy, very loud, I can say that it will scream. When I watch TV my t is always over it, or when I listen to music on a low volume. Just try to avoid listening music to earphones, they are dangerous and in time you will get better! :)

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