Tinnitus and White Dental Fillings

Discussion in 'Support' started by Artmuzz, Sep 10, 2015.

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      I have been suffering anxiety for a while and had three panic attacks this year. Anyway about 2 months ago i woke up with high pitched tinnitus in my right ear like a dog whistle sound but it went away last month and I was free of the tinnitus.

      Anyway just this week I went to the dentist and got a white filling put in my front tooth. When I got home I did oil pulling by swishing coconut oil around my mouth and I got a metallic taste in my mouth that I don't usually get with coconut oil. Anyway I never thought anything more of it until I was tidying up my house when all of a sudden I got a clogged sensation in my left ear and I can now hear a ringing sound in the same left ear where I got the pressure/clogged feeling.

      The pressure/clogged feeling has disappeared but I'm still getting the ringing in that ear and it's been three hours now. My question is could the metallic taste be the mercury from the white filling and is it the reason for the clogged feeling and tinnitus?
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      Hi Artmuzz, I would be extremely surprised if your filling were the cause of your tinnitus and discomfort, especially if it was very small. I actually just had a similar bit of work done yesterday and had a metallic taste afterward, but that was because I had a little bit of trauma to my gum, perhaps you were bleeding just a bit and you didn't notice after the procedure - that can also produce a coppery taste. Also, it wouldn't be terribly odd to have a slightly funny taste in your mouth right after some dental work.

      That said, and please know I am not a dentist or MD, but if you got a white (resin) filling, I do not believe these have mercury in them, but rather ceramic and plastic compounds.

      Humbly, it seems to me that perhaps you're looking for a reason for your clogged ear feeling and tinnitus, which is completely normal, we all want reasons, but I really think, in my personal opinion, that it's more likely these two issues are not connected and it's coincidence that they occurred in a shared span of time. I get fleeting T with a kind of full feeling (on top of my normal T) from time to time with no reason whatsoever that I can discern. Sadly, T is an unpredictable thing.

      Don't blame yourself, just try to take care of yourself and be calm. The anxiety and panic are the worst, but they are things that we can all work on. It's something I certainly have to work on. Hang in there.
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      I do not believe that resin composite fillings contain mercury. It's possible the weird taste was because there was probably some loose filling around that spread when you put oil in your mouth.

      If the metallic taste persists, there is potentially something more serious going on.
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      It sounds like a mucous build-up in your middle ear .
      Try steam inhalation with hot water and a towel over your head and bowl of hot water .Twice a day for two days and should help clear your tubes .
      Also with dental treatment its easy get your jaw joint inflamed having treatment that can spike tinnitus but should soon settle down....lots of love glynis

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