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Discussion in 'Support' started by Lisa88, Jun 14, 2014.

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      Took a 10 hour trans Atlantic flight 3 weeks ago. Pre flight, I used to wake up in the mornings to minutes of silence before t set in for the day. Post flight, I wake up immediately to the t noise which seems quite aggravated.
      Did not experience air pressure problems on the flight (used earplanes), and noise cancelling headphones for most of the flight, not the complete flight. Sat at the back of the plane.
      Could be jet lag, change of climate etc. But I worry, because it is 3 weeks later. Also just 7 months from t onset. Probably should not have flown.
      I have spoken to two others who have taken recent flights with this very change in t behavior.
      Hoping this is temporary. What do you think?
      Wonder what the longest spike has been after a flight?
      And if anybody else has experienced this specific change of t behavior?
      Thanks. @Markku or anybody who can help.
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      I would think that it is just a spike. As far as I have read, I have never read of people's T permanently worsening from a flight. I have heard about people GETTING T from flying, but not about it getting worse. I myself flew and didn't get any side affects from it.

      Perhaps because it was a long flight it is taking longer for the spike to go down. Does your T go down during the day, or is it loud for the rest of the day too?
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      Thanks @citigirl13
      It can go down in the day a bit.
      Just that brainwaves are calmest upon waking (if not from a bad dream). So this change is disturbing. Almost as if plasticity is setting in. Mustn't go there though. Will hope this is temporary. Thanks again.
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      Not everyone here buys into the plasticity thing so please don't believe that as gospel hun (I find that theory far too negative and just not helpful)
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