Tinnitus Bill: Tinnitus Research and Treatment Act

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      hopefully this can benefit everyone with tinnitus....

      Bipartisan support for tinnitus research needed

      It was nice to read the BDN’s recent recent article about tinnitus and the high rate of occurrence among veterans. This health issue is often overlooked, and it’s wonderful that more attention is being paid to it. In fact, despite the VA paying out over $1.1 billion to veterans in 2010 for tinnitus disability compensation, the American Tinnitus Association says that only $10 million is dedicated to research in the public and private sectors.
      It’s precisely because tinnitus is the No. 1 service connected disability for veterans that I introduced the bipartisan Tinnitus Research and Treatment Act. This bill will ensure that the VA is dedicating appropriate research time and resources to tinnitus. We must remain on the cutting edge for research and treatment of the health issues facing veterans of all ages, and I will continue working with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to bring attention to this issue.
      Mike Michaud
      U.S. Representative for Maine’s 2nd CD
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      from the BDN article that erik linked above for us

      "The Mayo Clinic has found a link between tinnitus and post-traumatic stress disorder, a finding supported by
      the Department of Veterans Affairs’ guidelines for health care providers who treat veterans’ hearing problems. The guidelines state that tinnitus is frequently triggered by psychological factors, such as bereavement, stress and anxiety.
      Through 2011, more than 840,000 veterans were on the service-connected tinnitus roster. Military members are often exposed to engine and weapon noises as well as the loud detonation of improvised explosive devices."

      i ll bet few if any of us are surprised...yep stresssssssssssssss
      and of course the T ups the stresssssss


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