Tinnitus Caused by an ENT (Inserting a Tube in Right Ear)

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      Hi all,

      I've suffered from sleep maintenance insomnia for approximately two and a half years which progressively got worse in the last 12 months. None of the doctors or specialists I consulted with during this period could pinpoint the cause. I would often get fullness in the ears and tinnitus after waking, however this would disappear after an hour or so. These symptoms would always be more pronounced in the right ear. The insomnia persisted and one theory was fluid was building up in my right ear in the sleep position which was causing me to awaken.

      The ENT proposed inserting a tube in the right ear. In regards to side effects the ENT advised I may experience a muffled sound but this was only temporary. The day after surgery I noticed a hissing sound coming from my right ear. My hearing was also not the same as it was before. The ENT commented after the surgery it was difficult to place the tube due to the narrowness of the ear canal and small size of my ear drum.

      The tinnitus has been with me ever since the surgery and my hearing has not returned to what it was.

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