Tinnitus Caused by Medication

Discussion in 'Support' started by Dubbyaman, Apr 4, 2016.

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      Ever since I came down with this shit condition, i've involuntarily learned a lot about clinical trials and such. They test all these new drugs very slowly to determine side effects and to see if the drug is tolerable. Don't you think that they would of caught the side effect of T in vicodin, benzos and such?
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      Tinnitus is a recognised side effect of many medications. However, unless it is a known oxotoxic substance, it usually only affects a very small proportion of people who take a particular type of medication.

      A medication I took triggered a new tinnitus tone after taking it for several days. Thankfully the new tinnitus tone has disappeared. I won't be continuing to take that drug.

      It was not listed as a side effect on the packaging, but after doing some Google research, I found out that around 1% of people who take the medication will get tinnitus as a side effect.
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