Tinnitus: Choosing Patient Pathways (Dirk De Ridder)

Discussion in 'Research News' started by Markku, Apr 8, 2014.

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      Probably headphones
      Thanks for sharing. Very interesting reads, though I understand only a fraction. :) You gotta also love the use of comic sans font amongst the academic folks... :)
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      Which drugs with which mechanisms can
      influence tinnitus ?
      Ion Channels (Na, K, Ca): Lidocaine (70%), gabapentine & pregabaline (+/-)
      GABA: Alprazolam (+) 65%, Clonazepam (+) 32%
      Glutamate (NMDA):acamprosate (+), flupirtine (-), memantine (-), neramexane (+)

      Serotonine: Nortriptyline(+), Amitriptyline(+), Paroxetine(+/-), Sertraline (+), Trimipramine (-)
      Noradrenaline: ?
      Dopamine: Sulpiride (+)
      Acetylcoline: ?
      Melatonin: ?

      Are these the drugs they say can treat tinnitus or are they the ones that can cause/ exasperate them?
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      Not sure about the rest of them but clonazepam can cause someone to get T through withdrawing coldturkey from.. Other wise if you use it it while having T it can help alot. It lowers my T to like nothing. Just dont cut cold turkey you have to ween yourself off when you feel its time to come off of it. I cut cold turkey two years ago not knowing about T and didnt get it from that got it from noise exposure but everyones different.

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