Tinnitus Cured — Then Back

Discussion in 'Support' started by Tim Hogan, Jul 13, 2016.

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      June 2016
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      Cold/Flu (Minor) >>> Botched Acoustic Reflex Test (Severe)
      Yesterday my Tinnitus was really quiet, and i mean 1-2/10, even in a quiet room i could barely hear it only if i went looking for it with my brain. I didn't really do anything apart from try not to think about it, not even acknowledge it.

      My brain felt different, my ears were hurting at parts, it almost felt as if they were repairing themselves.

      I was so happy, i could actually relax and i thought maybe this is the end and il be ok after all.

      But then night time... when i go to lie down my Tinnitus.. changes.

      When i lie down i get a roaring sound in my head, it was the same sound i had during my flu when my T started but without the ringing. (the ringing of which is now there with the roaring).

      My Tinnitus is dominantly in my left ear, but if i lie on my right side, it shifts to my right ear, and vice versa, if i lie in the middle i get the roaring.

      Its like as the blood in my head shifts so does my Tinnitus?

      I thought hopefully il go to sleep and it will be even quiet or maybe gone..!

      i woke up at 4AM, Tinnitus literally woke me up, and it sounded worse than it has ever done, high ringing in both ears, roaring.

      What happened.. why does my Tinnitus get so bad when i go to sleep.
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      You were not cured, you merely have fluctuating tinnitus like most people here.
      Sometimes sleeps resets it in a good way, sometimes in a bad way.
      The whole thing is situational and happens completely by chance, unless you manage to figure out a pattern for yourself.
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      On a hopeful note, please keep in mind that if you can have quieter days, then you will have them again! So keep doing whatever positive things you are doing for yourself, including anything to help relax your body and cope well. Because it's worth it!

      And when the quieter days come, savor them but also simply keep your focus on your life and the things that are important to you - <<--this is key for coping well - not to make it "all about whether the tinnitus is there or not."

      Make your focus about living your life the best you can (which is the purpose of life whether you have tinnitus or not!), and then when you get a day with lowered sound, you can enjoy your life without adding anxious thoughts about "will it get louder? when will it get louder? etc., etc." Instead, relax, enjoy, and keep on. Your situation may even improve more over time if you can relax and do other important coping things. :)
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