Tinnitus Dropped to Nothing

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Mikro, Dec 1, 2020.

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      Hello my name is Michael.

      About a week ago I woke up in complete panic from a dream I had and noticed my ears were ringing. I suffer from anxiety, OCD and depression, so I took a Xanax that is prescribed to me at .25 mg and fell asleep. The next day I woke up with the ringing in my ears still. I was completely tormented.

      I went to the doctor and long story short they couldn’t find anything wrong with my hearing or any inflammation or anything and I thought to myself I’m done. I’m not ever going to live a normal life again.

      At this time the tinnitus was very loud and sounded like a high pitched hissing that sometimes morphed into this weird hum.

      I couldn’t sleep in my room since my room at night is dead silent and the noise only got louder and put all my focus on it.

      So today about a little over a week later, I got my hearing checked again and everything was totally normal, however the room that blocks any type of ambient sound I was in where my tinnitus should be blaring, was very low and I noticed in the morning when I woke up that my tinnitus was almost nothing.

      I talked to the audiologist who told me that mostly everyone has some form of tinnitus, it is just very mild and the brain does not acknowledge it. She didn’t say this directly to me but I’m sort of convinced at the timing of all of this that my easily excitable OCD and anxious mind heard it because anxiety can cause it to get louder and put me in a state of complete panic for a week and that’s why it got so horrific.

      I can say today it is very very low and seems to be dissipating as the day goes by. I hope this gives anyone hope that reads it and know that I understand how scary it is and how doomsday it seems.

      My mind went to dark places.

      It’s easier to say but give it time. It may vanish on its own but if you are worried, see a doctor.
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      Acoustic trauma
      I am happy for you. I hope all those with tinnitus will get better.
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      sept 2016
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      Cement factory noise lowT,then stress high T
      Temporary tinnitus. It goes away in no time.
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      2017- mild /Sept. 2020-moderate
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      meds/acoustic trauma

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