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Discussion in 'Support' started by Razord93, Feb 26, 2014.

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      I'm used to have a lot of ear wax in my ear, but one day it starting getting really clogged and i notice
      when i pressed my ear starting to have peep noise.

      I then removed all of the ear wax with oil, but the noise was still there, i went to the doctor to inspect my ear but he found no problem with ear wax or damage, but he noticed my ear canal was little red and soar.

      Is this caused by a middle ear infection as i had no pain or itching after removing the ear wax, i have
      oxytetracycline hydrocortisone that i still have that i used for my ingrown nail infection
      if this will help let me know, and if this is a infection will it last for couple and months and go away?
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      Hey you see an ent if you have not. I have heard of t starting from irritation to the ear canal so that could be it. I think your doctor would have noticed an infection but ask for a referal to see an ent if you have not.

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