Tinnitus Feels Gone and I Feel Like I Am Almost Pre-Tinnitus Again.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Erin1997, Nov 4, 2017.

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      This morning I woke up and I felt back to "normal". Tinnitus really diminished. I felt like my old self again. I have had this recent development of tinnitus for about a month. This morning felt back before this new onset (I had a slight ringing before this last month but it did not bother me really at all and was very barely noticeable. Then I got a different type of tinnitus in the beginning of October).
      Hope it sticks, but who knows. Don't know entirely what caused it but I think stress was definitely making it worse recently. I relaxed last night and played Mario Kart which I think helped like A LOT.

      There is hope! Not every day has to be a bad tinnitus day; even if the tinnitus does not change much, a change in the response to tinnitus for the better can almost feel as good as tinnitus actually going away. Tinnitus does not have to be a life sentence of terrible things to come. Maybe it will go away for real, or maybe you will emotionally respond better to it. But tinnitus does not have to make your life hell forever. You just have to get a good place with it first. Then you can feel alright again.
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      Acoustic trauma
      I would like to give you a word of warning. Tinnitus has remarkable resilience to stick around or even come back. Please be super careful going forward and don’t be callous with your hearing. Protect it at all cost. Don’t use headphones anymore. Leave bars and clubs alone. Be careful with ototoxic medications, dental and ear cleanings (only have them do it manually).
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