Tinnitus Following Dental Work

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      Hi approximately two weeks ago I had two fillings done and about a day later I had ringing in my ears, which has been pretty constant ever since. I also have mild Hyperacuis.

      One of the fillings was fairly deep as the cavity was beneath an existing filling. The tooth is still sensitive and a little sore.

      I have some theories about what is going on. Maybe the filling damaged the nerve and that is somehow causing the tinnitus.

      I also think I clench my teeth during sleep and the pressure is causing the tooth to be irritated. The noise seems to be louder in the morning. I wonder if I have some sort of TMJ disorder.

      I also wonder if the vibrations from the dental drill could have damaged my hearing.

      I'm going to see my doctor and dentist but I am not hopeful that either of them will know much about tinnitus.
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