Tinnitus for 12 Years

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      My name is Helen Evans. I am 31. I woke up one morning 12 years ago with tinnitus. Don't know why I got it. I have seen a specialist and he basically said "learn to live with it".
      I also get bad travel sickness with it.
      Would like to chat with other tinnitus sufferers.
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      Unknown (medication, head injury)
      Don't know when you last saw a specialist, but consider getting a hearing test - a hearing test which starts from 0.125 kHz and goes up to - preferably - the higher frequencies (ie. > 8 kHz).

      My suggestion.
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      Hi Helen and welcome to TT. I bet your specialist doesn't have this thing we call tinnitus himself. Never mind learning to 'live with it', lets learn how to get rid of it , I say. There must be a way to do this.
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      Hi Helen

      Another useless specialist eh? I know the feeling.

      Do you have tnnitus in both ears? How often do you get the travel sickness?

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