Tinnitus for 6 Months — Connection Between Alcohol Consumption Going to Zero and Tinnitus Starting?

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      Hello everyone,
      My name is Michele, I am 45 and I live in Italy.

      My tinnitus started in June 2020.

      It started for no apparent reason however there are a few things that could potentially be related.

      First of all I fell and broke my left fibula on March 1st 2020 (3 months before my tinnitus started).

      I had to endure the March lockdown mostly in bed with my broken leg and wearing a heavy cast.

      Because of all of the above my alcohol consumption went down to zero after years of being a 'social drinker'.

      Some people here have noticed that their tinnitus started after stopping drinking alcohol.

      I went to see ENT doctors at the state hospital here in Italy at least 3 times.
      My hearing was tested (audiogram & tympanometry) and the tests showed no significant hearing loss.

      After the first visit the doctor prescribed an anti-inflammatory drug (cortisone) and other less important meds including a food supplement marketed specifically for tinnitus. After a few weeks it was clear that those treatments didn't work.

      Since I have a history of grinding my teeth, one of the doctors thought that it could be a 'TMJ' tinnitus and recommended I visit my dentist.

      I did and the dentist made me a 'bite' silicon device which I am wearing every night when I go to sleep.

      I also started seeing a physiotherapist / chiropractor whom started working on my back, neck and TMJ. I had brief moments when I thought the treatments were working but it didn't last long.

      Also worth noting: I have been using antidepressants since 2005, mostly Fluoxetine (Prozac). One of the hospital doctors told me that perhaps we could try to changing it and I did for a few weeks in September 2020 switching to Paroxetine. No change in tinnitus but worse side effects so I started taking Fluoxetine again (10mg which is half a tablet).

      Another thing that I just thought about: when I was young, about 25 years ago, I had an acne problem and it was treated with Roaccutan (Isotretinoin) which is supposed to be quite a nasty drug.
      However I seriously doubt that it can have an effect 25 years after usage.
      I thought I'd mention it just in case.

      I am currently using Neuromod's Lenire device but so far I can't say that my tinnitus has changed much. I am about one month through the recommended 12 weeks of treatment.

      Hope this helps someone out there.

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      I am not a doctor or scientist but I think alcohol acts on GABA similarly to benzos - tinnitus is a common symptom of benzo withdrawal. It's probably not related but there may be a theoretical link.
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