'Tinnitus Freaked Me Out — I Heard Sinister Sounds'

Discussion in 'Support' started by Michelle78, Mar 18, 2011.

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      Tai Chi--one more thing to try? :eek:
    3. This is interesting though... ;)
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      Loud noise exposure
      As long as I'm not in crisis mode I'm okay. To keep it that way I've got ignore the spikes, the sudden burst and the chiming tones that come and go. I note the changes by simply acknowledging them to myself and then make every effort move on with my day.

      Took two years of klonopin by day and temazepam by night to adjust to this level. Before that I was suffering but the good days were still there and silence remained in my right ear. It all changed one evening after nine years. I would now consider any medication or device that would return me to those early days a near cure.
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      April 2016
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      Infection and earphone use
      Well I wish I hadn't read that article. The guy went profoundly deaf.

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