Tinnitus from a Slap — Two Years Later I'm Sick of It

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      Believed to be caused by a slap
      So 2 years ago, I started to have tinnitus.

      I was in bed when I heard a buzzing sound which I today now believe it wasn’t my ears or tinnitus making up that sound, but it was outside. I thought to myself wow I’m imagining this I really need to wake myself up. So I did what I would do back at that age and gave myself a wake up slap lightly on the cheek. Now I don’t know what happened, maybe I was too close to my ears, but a loud ringing started in my right ear only. Back then I thought I was going deaf so I just ran to my parents and told them.

      After a week or so I would have it stop and start and the left ear as well. I got my ears flushed thinking maybe it was wax that was causing the ringing but no. The left ear began to ring 24/7 a few days after that appointment.

      I then went to see an audiologist where I had a hearing test that came back as perfect and was recommended an app to use sounds to mask the tinnitus.

      I’m sick of it again after these 2 years and I can’t take it anymore. This is the 4th day in a row I’ve cried about it. I asked to go see an audiologist again as well to see if there really is nothing else that can be done. I don’t want to live like this, I’m sick of seeing it being known as an elderly problem while I’m at the age of 15 and suffering from it.

      If I did injure my ear from that slap though, could it really be fixed after 2 years? Does anyone really know?

      I forgot to mention that my symptoms have gotten better with time somewhat. It’s sounded the same for a while now but I no longer get any loud spikes of tinnitus anymore.

      I also want to mention that for my right ear, it’s an unchanging ringing sound, while the left sometimes sounds like a vacuum cleaner is off in another room and also has the same ringing noise.
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      Anxiety / Maybe years listening to music on headphones
      Hello :)

      I don't know how a light slap in the face could have caused your tinnitus.

      I wish you immense strength to deal with this situation, it is not easy, we all suffer every day and we look forward to a cure soon.

      But I see that you have had tinnitus for longer than me, you must have more experience.

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