Tinnitus from Barotrauma During HBOT — Did It Damage Something in My Middle/Inner Ear?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Migacz, May 20, 2020.

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      2019/06 - Noise Induced 2020/01/03 - Barotrauma on HBOT
      The main cause of tinnitus: (2020/01/03)
      My tinnitus problems started when I went to HBOT with a closed eustachian tube.
      (I went there because I had muffled hearing - I was thinking that maybe because of the flu a week ago I started losing hearing in this ear.)
      My left ear did not equalize. On the security "check" 2 meters under I said my left ear did not equalize, I said then that I just want to get out to the guy who was operating there.
      He said oh try to maybe drink water - so I did, and then I had some painful pop in the left ear.
      ENT found a "bubble of air on my eardrum" and said it is "nothing" - it will heal up by itself.
      But if there was something like that on the eardrum I'm afraid it could be as well in some parts inside the middle/inner air. I got a short course of steroids.

      Recent tinnitus attack: (2020/05/18)
      Recently I went out to read a book in the park. I think that the cold wind that was present outside somehow started this series of events. When I was reading gradually my tinnitus started building up and up. So I decided to go back home. And then I realized that it got to the point that the tinnitus was screaming. I'm familiar with tinnitus spikes so I was wishing that it will just gradually fade away. But... it was still building up... Then I started hearing loud CLICKS, and when I wanted to eat something when spoon touched the plate I experienced crickets that were disappearing around 3 sec after the initial sound stopped. I wanted to eat something but then I discovered that I have some high pulsatile frequency that is like a pneumatic drill attacking my left side of the head when I was moving my jaw. Also, a spike in t when swallowing...
      Interesting fact: I put earplug to this ear to block air/sound. When I heard pink noise from the shower on the good right ear. In the left, I heard loud "PIIIIII"
      So that was the experience, it was intensive. I wasn't able to think normally. I was just crying for an hour in a warm bath. But somehow this bath helped and CLICKS are more sporadic and silent, and this pneumatic drill is gone.

      Nowadays I have louder tinnitus than before this "attack". I hear this crickets type of sound .
      And I feel a delicate pain deep inside my ear that is radiating. What is hard to manage are the short second-long spikes in volume. And these "crickets" are disturbing me.
      I think that at the beginning of the year the HBOT damaged something in my middle/inner ear. Or I can have some sort of inflammation going on there.

      Because I still have drugs I started to take: Betaserc, nasal steroids, and Ginkgo Biloba.

      I think that maybe Prednisone will be good to use in this case. But because of COVID-19 it is hard to even make an appointment.

      Any thoughts? Anyone else here who has tinnitus caused by barotrauma?

      Can my symptoms originate from some eustachian tube problem?

      There is a lot of muscle around it:


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