Tinnitus From "Glue Ear" — Dr. Shows Video

Discussion in 'Support' started by calin, Feb 26, 2013.

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      Tinnitus as A Presenting Symptom of "Glue...

      Published on Feb 13, 2013
      Ringing, buzzing, or crackling sounds can be the presenting symptoms of "glue ear" besides reduced hearing, blocked ear sensation, or hearing own voice loudly. Depending on its severity, ear examination may show retracted eardrum, with variable hue of the mucous fluid in the middle ear with or without air bubbles. Please consult your physician if the symptom persist
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      I have never heard of "glue ear"

      Anybody else?
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      Yes I have it and it's horrible; it affects the way I talk as the voice is constantly echoing back uncomfortably from within the skull, extremely unpleasant, plus it exacerbates my tinnitus and creates very muffled hearing with no treble; as a musician this has severely compacted my life. The ENT consultant just gave me steroid nasal drops and told me to come back in six weeks, then hearing aids and 'come back in six months'. I virtually begged him for the operation where they drain the ear but he obviously didn't want to do it.

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