Tinnitus from Head Trauma (Hitting My Head Really Hard) — I Won't Let Tinnitus Control My Life

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Boris33, Mar 12, 2021.

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      Head trauma

      My name is Boris and I have had tinnitus since 2019. I had a stupid drunk accident and I hit my head really hard. Thank God, everything with me is absolutely OK.

      However, since then I have had tinnitus in my right ear. At first I was freaking out. The idea of this “partying 24/7 in my ear was awful”. I also have OCD which certainly doesn't help. I really prefer watching at it from the funny and positive side. And I know that since COVID-19 outbreak, being “positive” is not the thing you want to be but I really want to be an optimistic person.

      To be honest, sometimes it's really tough keeping this positive mindset. I think that the great problem is not the sound itself but rather than the perception of it and the fears that it accumulates. And over the past couple of years fear has controlled a lot of my decisions (I'm not talking just about tinnitus). If I ignore those fears I know that I love life at its fullest and I know that I am brave. That is why I decided for myself that I do not want to live in constant fear. I mean I will not let tinnitus interfere with my life.

      Since getting tinnitus tinnitus, I have not stopped going out at nightclubs. Yes, I visit nightclubs wearing earplugs but I don't let fear control me although sometimes I lack the courage. I even went to a nightclub without earplugs two or three times to overcome this fear, thankfully nothing happened. I'm 20 years young and I refuse to fear living. This is my view on things.

      I am writing this down because I saw more conservative opinions and wanted mix things up so that there are different opinions. Except from nightclubs I also feared headphones and right now my fear is warning me not to wear them. However, I won't stop doing it (of course at safe level not exceeding 85 dB). I mean we don't have to take things so badly and to focus just on the little black spots in our life. There is much more joy than pain, I believe. To be honest, I want to think that way always but honestly, I can't do it all the time.

      Maybe that's the purpose of this post, to gain some encouragement from you. And to send some positivity. Because I honestly think that the greatest strength of this tinnitus is the way it makes us think. It's the same thing as going outside everyday - there is always the possibility of being hit by a car or lightning but we cannot always protect ourselves. My biggest fear is that one day I could regret my decision. However, my desire for life is bigger and I won't be a slave of this.

      Disclaimer: I don't want to offend anyone by undervaluing the impact of tinnitus. I just want to brake its image as an untouchable and unbeatable enemy.

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      Hey Boris,

      The initial onset of your tinnitus was caused by hitting your head, so it's not a result of noise induced hearing loss. But still, I would be careful with loud sounds anyway (nightclubs, headphones). Just don't take the risk of exacerbating the problem. Why would you?
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