Tinnitus From Loud Noise Exposure or Something Else?

Discussion in 'Support' started by Makx, Jul 4, 2015.

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      Hi, everyone!
      I'm new to this forum, developed my tinnitus about 9 days ago. It is in my right ear, it's fairly mild and I only notice it in quiet places. I'm not exactly sure what caused it, but I think it probably started after a rehearsal with my band. The strange thing is that after the rehearsal I had no signs of ringing in my ear for three days. The ringing started on the fourth day when I woke up in the morning. So my question is - could it be from a loud noise exposure or something else since there was a 3 day gap between these two events.
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      I have had noise induced tinnitus for 13 years. Only the last 8 has been semi-loud tinnitus which I coped with...and sadly, it INCREASED last month from what I believe to be noise exposure to a table saw that woke me up, as it was right outside my window (which were open). 5 days later, I woke up and noticed my T louder. I know its louder and its been louder since. So I'm pretty confident in saying that noise induced damage to your ear can finally take a toll even after days/weeks after an apparent "event". Perhaps the inner hairs finally gave way and died so to speak, causing the tinnitus. Perhaps its just temporary as you're in recovery.

      In your case, since you didn't have tinnitus before, there is a good chance it will go away with time and you will recover with proper rest and staying away from loud noise (use earplugs if you have to be around it). It's a wait and see type of deal. With out knowing other things you're doing, medications, other exposures, medical history ect.., basing off your post, it seems likely the band sound levels were enough to cause you some issues. If that truly is the case, take caution now as your ear is trying to recover. Ears can take awhile to recover. Wear earplugs and safeguard yourself while you heal.
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