Tinnitus From Party. See an ENT Immediately?

Discussion in 'Support' started by uswr, Jan 20, 2015.

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      I went to a party on the 16th (4 days ago) and when I finally left I noticed huge ringing in my ears. It was incredibly loud and impossible to ignore. The next day it lessened and I'm at the point right now where I THINK the left is practically gone, though sometimes I feel I hear something but I do not know if it is mental or not as this is really gotten under my skin. My right has lessened, but it is still there humming when I pay attention to it. The problem occurs when I lie down or try to sleep, where it feels like the sound is amplified by 100 and I can not block it out at all. Something about lying down that does it. Sitting down, in the heat of silence isn't so terrible as it was the first day, but still noticeable.

      Given what I mentioned, is that a sign of good news that it lessened after 4 days? There is also random ear pain between both ears. This is honestly scaring the heck out of me. Is it worth going to an ENT? Or is it "too late" since it is 4 days later? I'd have to pay out of pocket, but if I must, I will if it can truly help. As I mentioned, the ringing isn't TOO bad although incredibly annoying still, lying down just amplifies it considerably. Is 4 days too early to tell? Too late? I Don't know what to do.
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      As far as I know the only thing they can do is prescribe a course of steroids which can if done within a week or so help ears recover. Seems to work for some but definitely not all. Maybe you can get the name of these steroids and get a doc to give them to you? I've seen them mentioned on this site I think OR you can just go to the ENT and pay to see him quick if it will play on your mind but if it was me I wouldn't be expecting too much but u never know, by the sounds of things ent's and tinnitus don't really mix that well unfortunately, they just end up saying, mind your ears and hope for the best, but im no expert so don't quote me on that
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      So is it worth going? I can use some other opinions.
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      Hi uswr and welcome to TT…

      There are chances that if you protect your ears from further noises it might just resolve itself in a few days, if the acoustic trauma wasn't too acute...

      What I read on this forum is that one can do a course of steroids which can eliminate the noise but it has to be done within the first week of onset… I didn't know when my T came up so I couldn't do that and I am not able to tell you how it works… but I suggest you to ask an ENT as soon as possible since you re still in the first week frame..

      A few older members might be able to advise you better on this… Maybe @attheedgeofscience could explain you better about the steroids… I hope you don't mind ATEOS for quoting you, but I have seen on various threads your opinion on steroids and thought you could help urwr decide… My apologies if I disturbed you…

      Definitely try some masking sounds for when you go to sleep, as sleeping is super important for us T-sufferers and masking your T might helps you relax and sleep better… You can find many different masking sounds on youtube videos...

      Best of luck and let us know how you do...

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