Tinnitus from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome — Can Lenire Help Me?

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      Hi, my fellow tinnitus sufferers.

      I have tinnitus due to Ramsay Hunt syndrome. I have tried everything. I have had tinnitus for the past 12 years. Initially, I was going out of my mind, but my brain adjusted to the sound after a few months. I find that if I am stressed, the pitch definitely is very high. I can bear it if I keep busy and don’t think about it.

      My last effort is to try Lenire in the United States. It’s a very expensive proposition. I just want to know if anyone who has tinnitus as a result of Ramsay Hunt syndrome and has had it for so long has seen excellent results from Lenire.

      I would love just to be able to enjoy silence once again. The noise, I perceive, is a constant hiss.

      Any reply would be appreciated.
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      I’d read the Lenire User Experiences thread very carefully before I went forward with it.
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