Tinnitus from Severe Anxiety — Best Tinnitus Doctor in San Diego or Los Angeles?

Discussion in 'Support' started by lopezinpain, May 31, 2021.

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      Hello beautiful and bravest people I know,

      Onset of my tinnitus unknown but I suspect severe anxiety.

      It’s been about 2 years; the first 3 months were absolute hell. But learned to live with it and had been fine to be honest.

      I believe I was triggered a couple of weeks ago by my mom getting SSHL in her right ear. After visiting some doctors with her I feel like I caused a spike in myself as I was now thinking about it 24/7.

      I woke up last Thursday to a sudden, extremely loud tinnitus that lasted for about 3 minutes though it seemed like an eternity. I thought to myself, this is it. This is where it all gets worse. It went back to normal range but I’m getting a few spikes here and there. Since then I’ve been inconsolable, panicky, constantly worried it will happen again. I can’t be by myself and I’ve slowly been losing hope.

      If there is anyone who can help me find a doctor in San Diego or Los Angeles, that would be amazing. Or if you do not know of a doctor a simple chat will be great too. I feel extremely lonely and scared.

      Thank you so much and I’m praying for all of us every single day. I wish you all a beautiful week.
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      I'm looking for a doctor myself now that I am back in LA. I'll let you know if I find anyone that seems good. I had a tough time finding a decent doctor in Australia.
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      Sometimes single post threads fall through the cracks though I hate when they go unanswered.

      How are you feeling now?

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