Tinnitus From the Perspective of People "Not Suffering"

Discussion in 'Support' started by JohnnyMx, Apr 10, 2015.

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      I've always thought, that most of the nice people in this forum are in the need of support, as most of us at one time of our journal.

      I've always be conscious that here are alot of friends that can't cope with T. So i tried to find, or ask to people that is "not suffering" from tinnitus, that got tinnitus, but are doing normal lifes.

      I found this thread in a music professional's forum, talking about their experience with Tinnitus. An you can see, alot of people have it, and they talk so easy about it, they are not there to talk about tinnitus because is a music forum, so their responses are not related with the feelings or frustrations they have about tinnitus.

      I'm sure, reading this messages, many of you could feel some relief knowing that there are real people, with real Tinnitus, that are doing a normal life.



      Best wishes to all!
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      Wish I knew
      Yes, for certain, there are people from all walks of life, jobs, countries, economic backgrounds, etc, who have tinnitus. Some of them, like the music industry folks in your link are doing well. Some after a hard "introductory period," and others who never really had a problem with the tinnitus in the first place (at least, perhaps, after finding out that it wasn't a sign of some cataclysmic underlying cause.)

      Others, like musician Al Di Meola (a fantastic guitarist I've listened to for years starting back in the '70s) have had it for decades and are still struggling with it. According to an article that came out a few years ago,


      "Di Meola, now 57, said his tinnitus has worsened. "I'm at a critical level, I don't know if I can stand it anymore. It's been getting scarier and scarier," he said. Although he does well while playing, his worst moments come "in a quiet room and no one is there. You can go insane.

      Di Meola, who believes he had a genetic predisposition to tinnitus because his father and several uncles also had it, has seen many specialists. He's tried acupuncture, experimental stem cell treatments, and tried techniques "in which you hear other tones that take your attention off the one that's in your head." None worked for him.

      Custom-made noise-reducing earplugs help when he attends others' concerts but interfere with what he needs to hear when he's onstage. He's taken several steps to protect his ears when he's onstage or in the recording studio. He plays more acoustic guitar than the electric guitar that made him famous as a member of "Return to Forever" with Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke. He puts up large Plexiglas screens to shield his ears from the loudness of snare drums. He turns monitors to face away from him.

      But he's reached a point "where I may have to take a long period of time off to try and experiment with different types of therapies that are probably not going to do much, but I have to try it," he said, "because if this gets any worse, it's pretty much game over."



      Sounds a lot like many of us do from time to time. So, you're right, JohnnyMx, when folks who are up against it like this come out the other side having beat T (whether with drugs that lower it or some TRT or masking technology or counseling that helps them habituate even though the volume remains the same), then that gives us all hope.

      Hope we can all beat it ... Al, too.
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      At first I thought this was going to be a thread for people here that are not suffering from their Tinnitus... I thought that might be a good idea since the vast majority of the people that find this place seem to be searching for answers and are reaching out, desperate, scared and just plain freaked out.

      My tinnitus is very loud, non-stop, in both ears and in two different and dissonant keys and I've had it for a very long time. But I'm one of the (apparently) very lucky few that have lived with it with no problems. Tinnitus is an annoyance to me, nothing more, and has always been such. I think that the fact that mine was 'turned on' by an event that I knew had caused it led me to just accept it.

      I never really thought about it or considered myself 'lucky' until I found this place though. I sometimes find it hard to be empathetic and my posts telling people it is not the end of the world were not met well by many. Still, it would be nice to hear other's stories here (like some of the ones in your link) where people are living normal, happy and healthy lives like me.

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