Tinnitus from Trazodone / Stress / Noise / Ear Pressure / COVID-19? Hoping to Get Help!

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      Tinnitus Since:
      Cause of Tinnitus:
      I got COVID-19 in late December. My biggest issues were lack of sleep and anxiety. I don't know why I have tinnitus now but some ideas:
      1. Trazodone: got tinnitus the second night I took it and then discontinued.
      2. Stress and lack of sleep: both are improving now, but tinnitus is perhaps slightly worse. Continuous ringing in right ear.
      3. Noise exposure in the past.
      4. Pressure in ear of unknown cause like ear wax or other.
      What I'm doing:
      1. Now that my stress/sleep have improved, yet tinnitus not so good, I have asked my primary care physician for what to do next.
      2. Tried ear drops today, nothing yet.
      3. Listening to tinnitus relief sounds near constantly.
      1. Any hope this might be temporary (ex. wax or pressure that goes away)?
      2. When I swallow definitely more of a click on the right side. I can press up on the upper part of the joke where my ear "hole" is and it blocks the hearing (clogged ear feeling), but not the same on left side. Does that tell you anything?
      3. Also, water tends to collect in my ear on the right, but not the left (ex. put head under water). Does that tell you anything?
      Thank you very much!

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