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Discussion in 'Support' started by Sahara, Nov 25, 2015.

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      Hello I am new here. I have been reading here for a while and found some helpful tips and would like to share my story in hope of some help here.
      My tinnitus started 2.5 years ago, mild and only on the left year. I thought it will go away on its own and did nothing about it. After 6-7 months it became louder and another few months later I had two different sounds at the same time - one constant ssshhhh and in the background a roaring. Also my right ear started as well with a sshhh which is mild (till now). Now the sshhhh in the left ear is somehow bearable but the roaring changes its frequency and level constantly, since a few days I can't mask it anymore because (very strange) the noise around me makes it somehow louder - whereas before I could mask it with noise around me. But now the roaring gets louder with any noise around me and when the noise around me stops it becomes quieter (still loud though). This means either the noise around me has to be VERY loud because then the roaring is quieter compared to the very loud noise or no noise at all because in this case it also becomes quiet but normal leaven noises make it louder. As if T changes it's level of noise according to the noise around me. I don't know what that means but I have to do something about it now because I fear it will get more worse and/or the right ear will end up like this too.

      I have been to the ENT I have been to the dentist and I get different answers. Unfortunately I live in a country where good specialists are rare and two dentists so far didn't even know what Tinnitus or Eustachian Tube Dysfunction is.

      So here I am and really hoping someone can guide me a bit.

      Here are the facts about my Tinnitus and me:

      My hearing is perfect, I have had three hearing tests in the last 12 months, all came out very normal.

      T started:
      - three months after I had two dental implants on the upper right side
      - one week after I had a severe cold
      - one day after I had a 24 hours long flight (not yet recovered from the cold)

      I have:
      - high blood pressure (am on medication since one year)
      - I grind my teeth at night since years and will now get a mouth guard
      - I snore (husband says it comes and goes)
      - on my right ear I hear a popping once in a while
      - I feel some kind of fullness in my ears now and then
      - my mouth is very often dry
      - I have difficulty breathing at night through my nose (am using ocean nasal spray)
      - I have neck pain and headache without any reason
      - I have anxiety and sleep disorders

      One ENT (the first one to check my mouth) diagnosed Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Sinus problem.
      - the last ENT diagnosed TMJ disorder but the dentist today said no TMJ disorder at all. The dentist also said sinus problem would give me lots of facial pain and I don't have lots of facial pain. But then I wonder why the ENT diagnosed it.

      After lots of research online I have read that bruxism (teeth grinding) at night can cause tinnitus - it usually mentions TMJ as well though which I apparently don't suffer from.
      I have read here on the forum one member also suffered from teeth grinding and was relieved with supplement 5-HTP which I will get. Tomorrow I will get a mouth guard. In three weeks I have another ENT appointment and I need to tell him what to check.

      I understand no one can help me with a diagnose here but maybe someone can help me as in which doctor to consult and what to ask him to test and how to be sure if I have ETD or any advice that helps!

      I am thankful for any tip and advice.
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      Having had dental work at the beginning of all this makes me wonder if you have some kind of muscle tension or structural problem in your bite. You might want to start with a TMJ self help book, and then explore that path of the symptoms match.

      Be very wary of any surgical interventions to the jaw, though.
    3. glynis

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      Meniere's Disease
      Hi @Sahara It does sound like reactive tinnitus and also some form of TMJ .
      Even though TMJ has a few symptoms you dont need to have them all.
      Teeth grinding can cause jaw problems like TMJ.

      For ETD the best test is a tinny tube/camera down your nose to check your tubes open etc .
      Hope you get some better days soon .
      You might notice tinnitus more when more active and less when your blood presure it lower in resting rate...lots of love glynis
    4. AUTHOR

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      linearb and glynis, Thank you for ur responses. I also wonder if it is connected to the implants but I doubt any dentist can find out unless I take out the implants but that is a huge risk (which I would be willing to take if there is ANY chance for my T to improve). I am happy with improvement but these two different level and types of LOUD noises in my left ear make life hard.

      The dentist rules out TMJ because my jaw doesn't make sounds when opening and closing + there is no misalignment, but I do wonder if TMJ disorder is still a possibility despite these two things not bring present?

      On another note few months ago I had an eardrum rupture on that left ear, it did not affect my T in any way. I went to the ENT who prescribed me antibiotics for 10 days and I could swear during that time the T fainted. It came back though after few weeks.

      I read here that some of the best tinnitus clinics are in Germany. I am from Germany but Ironically I moved to another continent one day before my T started. Next week I am gonna be in istanbul from work - anyone knows a good ENT or dentist there please let me know.
    5. Sandra Susanne

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      Bruxism/Tense muscles/ Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
      Hello! I was wondering if you got any help for your eustachian tube dysfunction? I think I also have it and ive read a lot of people get help from the supplement 5 htp because it helps with serotonin and with the REM sleep.
      Did you ever try it or did you get any other help with your ETD?

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