Tinnitus Getting Worse, Affecting My Ability to Hear Well with Cochlear Implants

Discussion in 'Support' started by Ann B., Jul 16, 2017.

    1. Ann B.

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      Cochlear implants
      I am new to this forum. I was implanted in my right ear 6 years ago and in my left ear 3 years ago.

      Since receiving my first CI, I started developing tinnitus but it was very mild. In the last 2 months my tinnitus is getting progressively worse in both ears and is affecting my ability to hear well with the CIs.

      Today I noticed it appears to be affecting my balance.

      I am in a quiet environment and there appears to be no changes in the level of tinnitus whether I'm in a relatively noisy environment or I'm not wearing the CIs.

      Any suggestions? Anyone else experiencing similar issues?
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    2. fishbone

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      loud noise and very bad sickness
      The only time my balance was affected was when I had vertigo and inner ear issues.
    3. brownbear

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      July 2016
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      Sudden sensorineural hearing loss ? cochlear hydrops
      Have you had a recent check of the threshold and comfort levels on your devices. Also have you had impedences checked. I would let your CI centre know the problems you are having in case they can help you.

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